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Film production in Africa

Production Base

Our base for all film productions and excursions in Africa is located in Kenya, right on the shores of Lake Naivasha, one of the freshwater lakes in the East African Rift Valley. It is only eighty kilometres away from the capital Nairobi but in the heart of Kenyan Maasailand. All our african TV-productions are managed and organised from here. Quite frequently visitors come to our house at “sundowner time” but they are not looking for a drink, hippopotamus and waterbuck are attracted by the beautiful flowers right in front of our veranda. A guest house is available next to our hut, for human beings that is!

Production Equipment

A wide range of filming as well as expedition equipment is stored in our base: Because of the rough conditions in Africa we have five HD cameras to make sure that always one at least remains functional. A wide range of special equipment is used to get high quality footage: steadycam, professional sound and photo equipment, portable chromakey blueboxes & camera cranes with a variable height to seven metres. A portable heavy duty lighting system powered by special generators makes filming at night a pleasure… everthing is available to capture the beauty of Africa on film and all in duplicate to limit down time in the harsh regions of Africa. Underwater filming is a dream with state of the art underwater cameras and lights and with access to best diving locations in Africa. Finally, our portable AVID editing system with professional monitors can be build up easily, no matter where the production takes us!

Production Vehicles

Our vehicles are specially modified for filming off the beaten track: When filming in the wilderness of Africa you can only rely on yourself and your equipment. It is essential to be completely self-sufficient. To work in the wild we have a photo-voltaic-solar system with several powerful batteries to load the camera batteries. Special camera mountings are installed inside the vehicle and on top of the roof. To get from A to B in the wild the vehicle is equipped with a winch, sandmats and additional tanks for fuel. To survive in the wild we carry water tanks and a filtration system, field showers and tents for the crew and a fully equipped field kitchen. Should it come to the worst we have fifty kilogramms of medical supplies, ranging from headache pills to instruments to suture crocodile bites! All in all about 2,5 tons of extra loading. Two more vehicles are available for transport of additional equipment and passengers.

Expedition Equipment

Reaching the very last corners of the continent, being able to operate successfully and – which is most important – getting the best footage about the “beauties of Africa” we have invested in quite a varity of special equipment, e.g. a sattelite phone and data transfer, radio communication, laptops, GPS navigation and signal rockets. With our rafting boats, equipment for mountain trekking & climbing (even icy parts like glaciers), scuba diving and paragliding equipment, mountain bikes and dune skis we are sure to reach and explore all elements of the continent: water, earth and the sky!


We are specialised in TV productions in Scandinavia and Africa (since 1992 in 38 African countries).

Our team is very skilled in realising high-quality TV productions abroad. In more than two decades travelling up and down Africa we have quite an impressive network of contacts. Our special experience with filming in all parts of Africa can become your advantage! If you are interested in realising a filming project and use our know-how, please contact us! Karibu sana!

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